Our Competitive Advantage

Our best asset, above all the rest, is the hometown touch we put on everything we do. Our services and our trained technicians are local and that personal, relationship-based feel is what we strive for.

Some companies claim to have “quality” products, but we at S&S Dairy Systems believe our products must be tested, then tested again to ensure they’ll last and are up to our highest quality expectations before giving them the stamp of approval – and our entire line of products fit the bill. Delaval is our main product line, and S&S Dairy Systems is the only dairy system in Southeast Minnesota that DeLaval trusts to represent their company and their award-winning, innovative products.

S&S Dairy Systems uses state-of-the-art technology both in the equipment we use on location and in our aftermarket products. In today’s technology-driven world, we make it a point to be on the leading edge in all that we do. This results in the ability to do everything as efficiently as possible. Using the newest technology also allows our skilled servicemen to make the best decisions for your dairy business. With the efficiency and decision-making, we always keep your profitability in mind.

How does working with S&S Dairy Systems benefit you?

With our attention to state-of-the-art technology, quality tested products, and that hometown personal touch, you’re sure to receive the most efficient and personalized service around.

Our service and care doesn’t stop after we’ve left your location! We take our customer service above and beyond by offering the best aftermarket products and product support.

How can S&S Dairy help?

No matter the size of your dairy operation, S&S Dairy Systems can work with you to personalize a plan to fit your specific needs.

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